wxRaven First Launch

when launching wxRaven Software for the first time, you will have to create your wxRaven Profile.

Before going into this procedure, please check the section below which describe all the Software Edition available and their corresponding use-cases.

wxRaven : Software Editions 

The user is free to choose the context in which he want to use wxRaven this will determine the system requirements accordingly.

In the current state 3 Software Editions of wxRaven are available and provide each of them a different experience.

    • wxRaven : Standard Edition :

      • Explore and Navigate within Ravencoin blockchain without requiring a ravencore wallet / nor a node, ideal for who want to discover.

    • wxRaven : NFT Artist Edition :

      • Provide additional features such as IPFS upload and Asset Management, this version is dedicated for our artist and asset managers !

    • wxRaven : Developer/Server Edition :

      • Build and Integrate your own uses cases within this complete Integrated Raven Environment. Sky is not your limit, just the ground floor !

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