RPC Connexion Manager

This component manage and allow wxRaven to switch or provide to wxRaven different type of connections to retrieve datas.

This class basically store a list of connexion and provide the getters for them.

Job Manager

This component is an important part of wxRaven as it not only provide multi-threading background task mechanism for internal plugins but can be use for remote jobs as well.

Plugin Manager

This component is responsible of identifying available plugins and load them based on the user-profile settings. 

It is also responsible of safe startup and closure of the plugins and restoring state of a previous session.

Settings Manager

Component responsible of storing, reading and dispatching the settings into or from the different plugins

Views Manager

This component is in charge of the views management, opening, refreshing and any other events that's relates to a view.

Perspective Manager

Perspective management components is responsible for saving the different perspectives (set of views) into a configuration file.

User can switch between multiple activities not having to close and open all the views manually.

Resources Manager

Resource manager act as a resources (images, icons, sounds) provider, it does load in cache all the available images and provide a unique instance of it across all wxRaven views.

this subclass allow to retrieve an image object from its name/keyword only.

Optionally and not yet fully implemented, this component does integrate the concept of Themes, which would return alternative images based on user settings.

Menus and Toolbar Manager

Component responsible for the providing the menus and toolbars. 

System Taskbar Manager 

Component responsible for a systray tool bar (system notification) with Show/Hide/Quit quick menu.

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