This is currently the 'super class' that inherit the design and provide the overall application logic and sequences by instantiating all the other component in it.

Most of the time this class act as a Proxy-caller, meaning that whenever possible it's better to call a getter from this class instead of the sub-one.

Example for retrieving current connexion : the active connexion and corresponding getter is normally located in the RPC Connexion manager but the same function is present at the super class level.

    • wxRavenApp.getNetwork([networkname]) is equivalent to wxRavenApp.ConnexionManager.get...

Not only those provide quick and shorter access, but most of the time it include error management in the highest call. 

This class instance is the central point to interact with other core features and components and provide the following usecases/functions:

    • Get or Set the active connexion for the overall application

    • Get a RPC connexion or Ravencoin API connexion instance

    • Get a plugin instance or relatives datas, settings...

    • Get all the application and user paths for data storage

    • Submit a New Job in the Jobmanager

More details about Application core components :

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