UTXO Creator

UTXO Creator is useful to manipulate and prepare UTXO's before any specific transactions activities (see more about what is an UTXO) .

To simplify, this tool allow you to split/regroup an asset supply into one or more addresses.

    1. Choose an asset (works on RVN as well)

    2. Select the quantity for each UTXO

    3. Select the number of UTXO's to create.

Why and when is this useful ?

Let's assume we just created an special asset with a supply of 1000 and we want to sell them by unit on the P2P Market.

After minting the asset you more likely have ONE address that own the total supply.

In order to sell all of them by unit, you need to create as many UTXO with a quantity of ONE asset in it.

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