Ravencore Settings

Ravencore settings are organized in the following way :

    1. Ravencore (main settings) panel which contains the filtering options for the asset search.

    2. IPFS Gateway panel that regroup all the IPFS Gateway (to consult an IPFS Hash) and where the first in the list is used as default.

    3. Bookmarks panel where you can consult all the assets bookmarked and add or remove some.

IPFS Gateway and Bookmarks

You can add a new element using the following steps :

    1. Insert a name in the text-box 

    2. Validate with the button.

Selecting an element in the list give you access to the Move button which will place the element at the top and make it the default.

the Delete button will remove the current selection from the list.

wxRaven Known/Trusted IPFS Gateway :

    • https://wxraven.link/ipfs/ 
    • https://wxraven.link/ipfs2/

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