Plugin Views

To create a plugin views there are few steps to realize :

    1. The Design of the view itself
    2. Develop the Design Code Logic
    3. Reference the view in plugin

View Design

View design are done in the same way that for wxRaven, we do suggest to use wxFormBuilder and create a new dedicated design file for you plugin.

In wxFormBuilder, you will only create the graphical layout definition and declare the basic events but no application code.

Build the python file out of this design and include it in your plugin root folder with ideally the same naming convention used already :

Code Logic

Once your design generated and placed in the plugin folder, create the logic file that will implements all the functional code :

For logic definition we do recommend to create a dedicated logic file for each views.

Reference the view in plugin

in your file, following the template in tutorial, insert the details for the view you want to add including the relative options.

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