P2P Market Listing

This view is the "search" for the marketplace. Based on your settings, it will display here all the ads referenced into the different market channels you have added in your list.

    1. Filter a specific marketplace from your favorite list.

    2. Filter using ads criteria and keywords.

    3. Refresh the list based on search criterias and keywords.

    4. Re-index the market (long process)

    5. List of the result or all ads by default.

    6. Right click menu for sub-views or quick actions.

NOTE : double-click on an item will open the Ad details Sub-view.

Right Click menu and quick actions

From the right click menu you can :

    • Open the Ad details Sub-view  and consult all the information's relative to this ad.

    • Add/Remove an address in blacklist 

    • Add/Remove an address in Trusted Peers

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