P2P Market Ad Publisher

Before publishing an ad, make your your P2P Market settings are configured and your announcer account setup.

If you already generated an ad in the JSON format, you can directly put the hash in the section 1.

Otherwise, use the assistant to generate this file:

    1. Activate assistant  if the dialog doesnt show 2,3,4,5,6...

    2. Select the type of ad.

    3. Insert a title and a reference to your website, webgallery on social media.

    4. Insert a description and some keywords.

    5. Configure the swap, this pannel works like the atomic swap view.

    6. When dealing with Multiple orders (selling multiple units or package into the same ad) the usage of UXTO Creator is required first.

    7. Choose the market channel for the as posting (you must own the token with at least .20 qt)

    8. Click on preview, it should create the swap and generate the file.

Once click you should receive a confirmation and check the following output :

    1. Confirmation without errors.

    2. Atomic swap datas found !

    3. An IPFS Hash ready to submit.

It's time now to publish the ad, close the assistant by clicking on the button.

Transaction id can be verified, at this point you should see the 0.20 qt transaction to yourself (and change) that contains the hash previously generated.

And voila ! the ad is on the P2P Market and cannot be censored or removed as long IPFS server pin the file.

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