Application Layers

wxRaven distinguish the following Application Layers :

    • Layer 0 : which is basically the required environment to operate from the operating system to Python, wxPython and all libraries/dependencies.
      This layer is most of the time only about integration of components and libraries and not really in the development scope of wxRaven.

    • Layer 1 : this layer is more commonly called the Application Core Layer which is composed by wxRaven Core application and any other application required to operated with.
      Most of the development is done in the wxRaven Core part, but for integration purpose additional activities/dev can be required to integrated additional applications that doesn't provide a reliable API.

    • Layer 2 : Plugins Layer, this layer act as a 'client/consumer' of wxRaven, it used the defined framework and all the available functions provided by the API or the python library.
      A plugin does not necessarily use or consume Ravencoin RPC functions, it can use its own built-in function, call other plugins or with another API or web-service.

NOTE : wxRaven through its plugin can become a service provider and so act as web server/web-service back end like described in the Uses Cases and Deployment .
wxRaven in this previous mentioned scenario, can be configured as a Relay and execute/provide informations to another client if allowed. (more informations in Jobs and Remote Jobs)

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