wxRaven Core Application

The core application is mainly composed of three components :

    • wxRaven Core is the main program, which will load all the settings, manage profiles and provide the User Interface (HMI)
      • RPC Connexion Manager
      • Job Manager
      • Plugin Manager
      • Settings Manager
      • Views Manager
      • Perspective Manager
      • Resources Manager
      • Menus and Toolbar Manager
      • System Taskbar Manager 

    • wxRaven HMI is the main graphical interface for wxRaven, provide the strict minimum of HMI and a large reusable list of components for plugins.
      Since wxRaven is plugin based, even most of the basic features such as a error log console is provided only through a mandatory plugin called "General"
      • Custom Controls
      • Main Application Frame
      • Disclaimer Dialog
      • Settings Dialog

    • wxRaven API is the Native Python Library for Ravencoin, which provide various level of call and uses cases to retrieve complete data from the blockchain.
      This set of functions is usually an high level end user or developer type of function that regroup more than one RPC call.
      Often, they contains all the required logic to get consistent information and being called directly, within a Job or from an HMI Panel,
      • Wallet
      • Squawker
      • Asset
      • Utils
      • P2P Market
      • Atomic Swap
      • Network
      • Directories

NOTE : for the rest of the documentation, wxRaven API will be treated independently of the two other components.

Ravencore and other applications

Ravencore is placed as the same layer, like any other additional application which inter-operate with wxRaven.

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