About Connexions

There are 3 basics ways to connect wxRaven to the Ravencoin blockchain :

    • Using a local connexion to Ravencore
    • Using a remote connexion to Ravencore
    • Using a Relay (wxRaven Webservices)

Local connexion to Ravencore

In this mode wxRaven get a direct and local access to an Ravencore RPC server (in node mode or not).

This mode give you the most efficient way to search and retrieve data from the blockchain and provide you a full independent P2P Solution.

Remote Connexion to Ravencore

This mode is interesting to remote access nodes or wallets that you would not expose directly to your computer but on another local/remote area.

Since RPC does not encrypt data, it is mandatory to consider combining this with an SSH Tunnel which will virtually recreate the conditions of the previous connexion mode.

Connexion to a Relay (wxRaven Webservice)

This mode is currently a demonstrator / proof of concept for developers or entrepreneurs that would like to build services around ravencoin blockchain.

It provides access to the blockchain data through a Third part wxRaven server which is connected to the blockchain.

In this mode, feature are not limited to the strict blockchain functions but can be extended to any other additional services that developers would like to provide.

In its current state it allows any wxRaven user to search, navigate and inspect ravencoin assets, addresses and transactions plus some demonstrator services.

More information about the Webservice are available in the dedicated section.

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