What is wxRaven 

wxRaven is a free and open source cross-platform Integrated Environment framework for the Ravencoin community who want to write advanced GUI applications connected to the Ravencoin blockchain.

It provide a Customizable environment direclty connected to a ravencorewallet.

Written in Python 3.x and using the wxWidget Library with the inspiration of Eclipse IDE, wxRaven natively support the plugin approach and the view/perspective concept.

wxRaven Logo

It provides usefull built-in functions to create and develop your own "Use-case specific application" as one or multiple plugins of this integrated environment itself such as :

    • Built-in RPC connexion
    • High Level RPC API Commands
    • RPC Shell & Command list
    • Asset Search, Navigation and more.
    • Highly Customizable End User Interface / Components
    • ... More to come !

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