This section allow you to customize general parameters specially application startup and shutdown.

Logs & Debug

This section allow you to enable/disable the log mode and debug mode. this is only needed for development purpose and can be disabled for a standard user unless you meet a bug.

    • Logs : this will generate in <profile>/userdata/ a log file wxraven_last_session.log with a traceback of INFOS, WARNING and ERRORS.

    • Debug : this will generate in addition to the log, a second file in the same location called wxraven_last_session.debug with a complete traceback.

NOTE: Activating BOTH option is only recommended to spot use-cases as it generate/record a lot of data and reduce the performances.

Job Manager and Performances

This section is dedicated to the performances / thread management and allow you to choose how many jobs/threads/tasks can run in the background.

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