Configure Ravencore

This section show how to configure Ravencore wallet to accept connexion from wxRaven and optionally to enable the NODE mode which is required for many functions.

Within Ravencore-QT :

  1. Open the Wallet Menu > Configuration > 
  2. Open configuration

This will open a text editor with your ravencore settings that you can configure accordingly to your needs :

When/Why do I require the Node Mode ?

The node mode or more precisely the index options must be enable whenever you want to have a full p2p connection with your ravencore wallet and be able to Search assets and retrieve transactions information.

In a general way, we do encourage and suggest to any user to use ravencore in such mode, this to allow you being completely independent of third part services.


The usage of wxRaven Relays in the current state are for technical tests and to allow user to discover but should not be considered as the only access point.

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