Asset Search

This view allow to search an asset on the active network, this feature is available through a Relay connexion as well.

    1. Search bar : you can tape any asset name with or without * to specify that the name can be longer (or include childs).

    1. Filter options : customize the search this include :
      • Number maximum of result 
      • Filter a specific asset type
      • Strict search

    1. Result of your search.

Note : to avoid useless request, the tool keep in cache the last keyword used, searching a second time with the same keyword will simply reuse the last result.

Search result and Right click menu 

    1. The right click menu allow you to interact with the selected asset 

    2. The column various provide some additional information's such as :
      • [IPFS]  means that the asset contains an IPFS hash.
      • [R] means that the asset is reissuable.

Right click menu

    • Add in bookmark : this will add the selected asset into the bookmark list and allow you to navigate through the asset hierarchy.

    • Navigate : this will directly open the asset navigator view and let you see the asset in a tree view with more details.

    • Preview : this item will launch a webview to preview the asset. 

    • Open IFPS and Open IPFS with will open the IPFS hash into your web-browser.

    • Export owner list will generate a list of owners and save it in your user data profile folder.

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